2017-11-21: Due to errors in metadata, Mikael H. Foslie's correspondence has been temporarily hidden from search. The Foslie letters should be available with corrected information in early 2018. We apologise any inconvenience.

2017-09-11: In the early 20th century, Nils Olaf Solum (1876-1959) sailed along the Norwegian coast and to distant countries. His photographs are now available. Any information about ships or locations is greatly appreciated.

2017-09-04: Fragments are originally medieval books that were destroyed, especially during the reformation, and then used as material in newer books. The fragments from our collection are now available.

2017-09-04: During the first decades of the 20th century, Halfdan Bryn (1864-1933) performed physical anthropological studies of the inhabitants of Norway. Today, his correspondence was made available.

2017-08-30: Mikael H. Foslie (1855-1909) was an internationally renowned botanist. His correspondence with researchers around the world is now available.

2017-05-23: The letters of the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters between 1760-1862 are now available.

2017-03-10: Zoologist Carl Dons (1882-1949) did research on marine life along the Norwegian coast in the first half of the 20th century. His photographs are now available.

2017-01-25: Lars Onsager (1903-1976) received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1968. Selected correspondence, notes and more is now available.

2016-10-18: The 2294 documents of Thorvald Boeck’s collection of letters and autographs are now available.

2016-10-03: Hello, world! Gunnerus.com, the digitised special collections of the NTNU University Library, was launched today.