The special collections of the NTNU University Library originate from the library of The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters, which was established in 1768. Through almost 250 years, the library has built a collection of regional, national and international importance through donations and purchases.

Consisting of manuscripts, historical book collections, letters, diplomas, maps, photographs and private archives, the collections provide a multi-faceted view of cultural history and history of knowledge.

Among the highlights are six members of Norges Dokumentarv, the Norwegian branch of UNESCOs Memory of the World. The Adler-Falsen draft to the constitution and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons original manuscript to the Norwegian national anthem are available digitally, while the archive of The Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (DKNVS) between 1760-1860 is being digitised at the moment.

Currently, only parts of the library's collections are digitally available. If you are unable to find what you are looking for in our search, please contact us for further help and guidance.

Our material is kept at the Gunnerus library and the Dora library in Trondheim, Norway.


A large number of pictures and documents are available via Gunnerus, but great amounts remain to be digitised and registered. We work every day to make more of our collections available. If you’re looking for something that you cannot find while searching, get in touch. If we should have material that you would like to be digitised, there is a price list for special orders.

Since our digitisation processes began in the mid-1990s, image quality will vary between individual documents. Let us know if an image has too low quality and we’ll take a look. Note that most photographs by Peder O. Aune are unavailable for redigitisation because of the poor condition of the originals.


Pictures and documents are shared openly from Gunnerus under certain licenses. The standard license is CC BY-SA 4.0. Newer material is shared with the license CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. This license limits commercial use without written consent from the NTNU University Library.

Due to photographers’ ideal rights in Norwegian copyright law, creators are always to be named in relation with their photographs.


We receive many important contributions from users of pictures and documents. To give feedback, please use the comment field at the bottom of each document page, or send an email to the appropriate department.